• You must be 21 years of age or older to receive delivery of alcohol beverages. We Card.
  • State Law requires that we log your Date of Birth and an ID number such as a drivers license number when your order is taken. We must then verify that information upon delivery.

We deliver most orders ourselves. Some orders are sent UPS when time or distance considerations warrant. We can send wines out of state, please contact us for specific information on that since not all states allow wine to be sent in to them.

We charge a $7.50 handling on all orders. If your order is a "group" order, that $7.50 is divided among all participants automatically by our system.

Method of Payment

We accept Cash, Checks, MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express

Sales Tax

Deliveries in Westminster are taxed at 8.45%.
Deliveries in Jefferson County 4.6%
Other metro areas in the Regional Transportation District (RTD) are 4.1%
Deliveries to outlying areas in Colorado are taxed at the State rate or 2.9%

Normal Delivery

When you place an order with Vintage, it's processed by our Retail Delivery department. Your order is entered into our invoice system and a total is generated. If your order was put together with friends at a sampling, our system generates separate invoice copies for each participant.On Monday, after all the orders are processed from the previous week, we begin to contact each customer to provide a total for the order, for each participant, and to chat about delivery arrangements.

UPS Delivery

If your order is sent UPS it's usually done on Tuesday. In most of our service area in Colorado, that means you'll get your order on Wednesday. In the Front Range area, we ship UPS without extra charge above our $7.50 handling. UPS to the Western Slope or out of state is charged at actual UPS rate plus $10.00 per case for the packaging.